The British School of Amsterdam extends a warm welcome to Dr. Simon Hyde, General Secretary of HMC

On 22 April 2024, The British School of Amsterdam was honoured to host Dr. Simon Hyde, General Secretary of HMC (the Heads’ Conference).

HMC, established in 1869 as the world’s premier association of Headteachers, boasts a membership of 300 UK and 60 international Heads. These schools undergo a stringent accreditation process, ensuring and upholding quality, while actively engaging in outreach and partnership initiatives.

Dr. Hyde, leading the Head Office team, embodies the commitment to excellence in education. Under his guidance, HMC facilitates extensive training for school leaders and organises conferences for various school leadership roles.

With a focus on fostering relationships with educational stakeholders, HMC advocates for innovation and the independence of member schools. During his visit, Dr. Hyde engaged with students and staff on school initiatives like the Eco Squad and Extra-Curricular activities. He also enjoyed a comprehensive tour of the school, guided by Year 13 ambassadors Aaminah and Masha, musical performances from the Junior School choir and Music Maestros, and held discussions with the Principal.

The British School of Amsterdam eagerly anticipates Dr. Hyde’s return visit.

  • HMC Visit Musical Performance
  • HMC Choir Performance
  • HMC Visit Early Years
  • HMC Visit Extra-Curricular Programmes
  • HMC Visit Guided Tour
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