School life

We want you to get a feel for what life at The British School of Amsterdam is like and so have created various sections ranging from the arts to the house system, from pupil voice to enrichment.


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Early Years SchoolJunior School Senior School

Uniform is an important part of school life as it helps forge a common identity, allows children to be focused for school life and learning, and equips them for the different activities at school.

Please support us by ensuring that your child adheres to the school uniform code.

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School Lunch

Markies Catering provides fresh lunch options and encourages pupils to make healthy choices in terms of food and drink by showing that responsible food is tasty and fun.

After School Care

The British School of Amsterdam works in partnership with after school care provider Majest Global to provide reliable, good quality after school care for children.

Creative arts

In tandem with an academic focus, our school encourages every child to develop in other important ways, whatever their talents, to the joys and opportunities outside the classroom.

House system

The house system is an important part of life in a British school.
All the pupils in the Junior and Senior Schools belong to one of four houses.



As part of the health and welfare of every pupil, physical education is a core component of school life and pupils learn the importance of staying fit and active.

Pupil Voice

At The British School of Amsterdam we believe it is important that we consult with our pupils and consider their opinions, ideas and thoughts, to help us to evaluate what the children like about their school and what we can do to make it even better for them.