Leadership and Governance

The School is a Stichting (Foundation) and has a Supervisory Board who has responsibility for the strategic direction of the School.

The Supervisory Board approves school policies, all major investments, budget and financial statements, appoints the Management Board and ensures that the school meets all its obligations under both Dutch law and also the BSO standards.

The Management Board consists of the Principal (who is the Chairman of the Management Board) and the Bursar. The School is non-profit and receives no funding from either the UK or Dutch governments.

Senior Leadership Team

Supervisory Board

According to its Articles of Association – Dutch (you can find the English translation here) the Supervisory Board must consist of at least seven members. The Chair must be an independent member (not a parent) and there must be at least one member who is a UK education specialist.

The Supervisory Board meets at least six times during the school year. The Management Board also attend each meeting. Members of the Supervisory Board also have links with the Parents’ Organisation (PO) and the Works Council (ondernemingsraad, OR).


There are two committees which meet regularly to review specific areas and make recommendations to the Supervisory Board. The current committees are:
– Education, Welfare and HR led by Dr Helen Wright
– Finance & Legal and Real Estate led by Mr Ilya Meshcheryakov

The Supervisory Board members must also follow the Code of Conduct. You can read more about this using the button below. The Chair of the Supervisory Board can be contacted by writing a letter and sent via post or given in a sealed envelope to the School Reception, or by email to chair@britams.nl.

Address for post:

Havenstraat 6
1075 PR  Amsterdam

Strategic Plan

The British School of Amsterdam’s Strategic Plan guides the Development Plan, which has been devised in consultation with all parties: the Supervisory Board, the leadership teams, staff, pupils, and parents.