At The British School, we care very much about the whole school community and helping where possible to support our families settle in. Our Parents’ Organisation (PO) are key in helping do this and you can find more information about the PO below.

What is the Parents’ Organisation?

The Parents’ organisation (PO) aim to create a school community where parents can play an integral and valued role. Parents are welcome to attend all school events, volunteer at any opportunity, or actively help the PO with its current objective. Ideas of how to volunteer are frequently mentioned in our weekly PO newsletter.

The PO is a self-funding organisation run by parent volunteers that provides help and support to families in the school in a number of ways.

  • Creates a community to support new parents when they join the school
  • Helps to put parents in touch with other parents of similar culture, language or interest creating a feeling of home and community
  • Works with school to represent the parent point of view and ensure that the school is supporting parents in the best possible way
  • Organises whole school events to give opportunities to build better ties across the school community
  • Funds raised at events are used to finance future events with the aim to increase accessibility across the school community and to break even over the year
  • Supports charitable fundraising within the school community at our events

Parents of all children at The British School of Amsterdam are automatically members of the PO, and we would very much like to encourage you all to be active members.

PO Committee

The committee that runs the Parent’ Organisation is known as the POC and meets weekly. If you have any ideas or questions about how the Parents’ Organisation functions within the school community, or are wondering how to get involved, please email them.

Their aim is to provide the platform not only to help parents find a supportive and fun community within the school, but also to enable our children to reach their potential, as research shows that parents are a valuable asset to promoting student success.

It is their role to represent you as parents within the strategic leadership of the school, and make the school a successful and friendly environment for everyone to flourish.

The Parents’ Organisation Committee of 2024-25 is made up of:

  • Sadie Lowry (Chair)
  • Open (Treasurer)
  • Angela Tarrat (New Parent Coordinator)
  • Svetlana Nikulina (International Communities Coordinator)
  • Kristel Dacones (Interest Groups Coordinator)
  • Chris Bennett (Events and Community Building)
  • Open (School Support Liaison)
  • Lorena Diaz-Smith (Volunteer)
  • Ekin Tagal Guler (Marketing)
  • Yuki Tamamura (Facilities Lead)

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