Extra-Curricular Programmes


At The British School of Amsterdam, education goes beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Our school is a thriving international community which nurtures, inspires and empowers everyone to be the best they can be. We believe in nurturing holistic development, which is why our Extra-Curricular Programme plays a pivotal role in shaping well-rounded individuals. With a diverse range of activities and opportunities, pupils can explore their passions, cultivate new skills, and forge lifelong friendships outside of traditional academic settings.


What is the Extra-Curricular Programme?

The Extra-Curricular Programme at The British School of Amsterdam consists of a rich tapestry of activities that transcend the academic curriculum. It includes extra-curricular activities in 5 different key areas: Active & Sports, Arts & Creative, Academic Achievement, Wellbeing and Service & Community. The programme is designed to cater to the varied interests and talents of our pupils, fostering personal growth and enhancing their overall school experience.


Why is it important to participate in the Extra-Curricular Programme?

Participating in the Extra-Curricular Programme offers numerous benefits. Engaging in extracurricular activities fosters essential life skills including physical and health skills, personal development skills, academic skills and social and interpersonal skills.  The ECP provides a platform for our pupils to explore their passions, build confidence, and discover new talents. Furthermore, involvement in extracurriculars cultivates a sense of belonging and school spirit, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive school community.

What activities do we offer at present?

Currently, our Extra-Curricular Programme boasts an impressive selection of activities. Sports enthusiasts can partake in football, basketball, cricket, badminton, table tennis, netball and volleyball, among others. For those inclined towards the arts, there are opportunities to engage in painting, design, sculpture, photography and creative film options. Additionally, students with a penchant for performance can participate in drama productions, musical theatre, several types of dance and musical ensembles. Our academic clubs cater to diverse interests, ranging from coding, study skills and homework support clubs to intervention lessons and clinics for different subjects. We have several activities related to health and wellbeing too, including our popular cooking club, wellbeing craft sessions or our yoga lessons for our little ones. Finally, a range of activities relate to Service and Community, offering popular clubs such as our MUN and Duke of Edinburgh Award clubs. There is something for everyone.

New initiatives and future developments?

Numerous new initiatives have already been put in place this term, from an improved Primary sign-up system based on parental feedback to a number of new activities to cater for the preferences expressed by secondary pupils via the end of term 1 survey. We have also started to include some progression in primary clubs and attended some competitions, including an Irish Dance competition in January and a Netball match in February. This coming  term we will continue expanding our offerings to cater to the evolving interests and aspirations of our pupils and we are planning to add Language and science clubs for Primary. In the coming months, we plan to introduce new clubs and activities based on student feedback and interests. Additionally, we are exploring opportunities for inter-school collaborations and competitions to provide enriching experiences beyond our campus borders. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events, workshops, and initiatives designed to ignite passion and inspire excellence in our pupils.

The British School of Amsterdam’s Extra-Curricular Programme is not just an extension of the school day; it is a gateway to personal growth, enrichment, and memorable experiences. We encourage all students to explore the myriad opportunities available and embark on a journey of self-discovery and fulfilment outside the classroom.