Individual music lessons

Young Musicians of The British School of Amsterdam

Private instrumental tuition

The YMBSA team consists of 13 visiting professional instrumental music teachers, who work as a private group, in cooperation with the Junior and Senior schools. At present there are 50 junior and 47 senior pupils learning instruments through the YMBSA.

  • Aspasia Nasopoulou - Piano (Greek) Diploma (Piano) & Composition Masters (Athens and Amsterdam)
  • Carole Spencer - Flute and Piano (British) GRSM Hons, LRAM, ABRSM, PGCE
  • Emile Meuffels - Brass (Dutch) BMus, MMus (Amsterdam)
  • Filipa Pereira - Recorder (Portuguese) BA (Lisbon), BA(Amsterdam)
  • Hee-Seung Choi - Piano (Korean) BA (piano), BFA (Composition & Art)
  • Isabel Watson - Violin (British) MMus
  • Jasna Velickovic - Piano (Serbian) Composition master (Den Hague)
  • Leo Koster - Clarinet & Saxophone (Dutch) Onderwijsakte-A
  • Morgan Grossman - Guitar (Dutch) BA & CEA (sound engineering)
  • Tony Chapman - Guitar (British) BA Hons
  • Nout Ingen Housz - Drums (Dutch)BA (Amsterdam)


As agreed by contract every pupil enrolled has an individual lesson time reserved for him/her and receives 32 half hour lessons per annum.

As far as possible the lessons rotate each week on the day the individual teacher visits the school.


At present the fees are €27.00 per lesson. The fees are paid at the start of each term and reviewed each year.

Lesson overview

Different approaches and materials are used as appropriate to each individual pupil.

A lesson will usually begin with technical work; scales and/or assigned exercises relating to the pieces they are studying at that point, followed by work on their specific pieces. Lessons review work completed, study and assign new work and prepare for concerts and external exams, with solo and ensemble work.

Some degree of music theory, music history and aural training are integrated in the study of each instrument.

Teachers may also encourage interested pupils to compose for their own instrument. This is an excellent aural training exercise and increases their understanding of the capabilities of their own instrument.

Music exams

As and when appropriate, some of the children take external music exams.

The exams are used as a motivation tool to encourage practice and to give the pupils individual goals and finally a great sense of achievement.

  • The ABRSM board and the Trinity College of Music (UK) have syllabi ranging from the beginner’s level up to grade 8. Each exam encourages the ‘all round’ musician by incorporating performance pieces and technical tests including scales, sight–reading and aural.
  • The AB exams are held twice a year in The Netherlands with exam centres in Amstelveen and Voorschoten (near the Hague).


Pupils are offered the chance to perform in various concerts, assemblies and class lessons throughout the school year both as soloists and as members of varying ensembles.


All negotiations in respect of instrumental lessons are strictly a private matter between the YMBSA teacher and the parent of the pupil.

The British School of Amsterdam is not held responsible for any problems arising on either side in this agreement.

Coordinator: Carole Spencer Telephone: 020 453 6589