As part of the health and welfare of every pupil, physical education is a core component of school life and pupils learn the importance of staying fit and active.

The Early Years School

All the children in the Early Years take part in FitNut (Fitness and Nutrition) over the course of the year. FitNut provides a stimulating learning experience to teach children about the importance of health, nutrition and fitness. It has a constant and consistent healthy message to inspire the children and their families. FitNut believes the key to bringing good nutrition into the home is through the children. Children enjoy fun fitness sessions using real mini gym machines and exercise equipment followed by smoothie or juice making. Updates, including nutritional information & recipes are given regularly ensuring everyone benefits.

In addition to FitNut, Nursery children have a soft play session each week in the school hall.

Children in Reception have a variety of timetabled PE lessons. A visiting sports coach teaches one of these lessons and focuses on large motor skill development and basic ball skills. Other activities include gymnastics, yoga and music and movement.

All children in the Early Years may attend optional ballet classes lead by teachers from the English ballet school.

Infant School

At the Infant School the children take part in two sessions of Physical Education (PE) per week - either two PE lessons or one PE lesson and one swimming lesson. PE lessons are taught by each class teacher and are based on the English National Curriculum programme of study.

Our swimming programme starts in Year 1 and continues until Year 6. Children swim once per week for six months of the year. The swimming instructors are experienced with working with the children and have a very good level of English. The children are grouped according to ability in small groups and work through the Dutch swimming diplomas from A to C or even higher!

Once per year we hold a traditional sport's day for all of the children in the primary school from Year 1 to Year 6. The children are grouped according to their house teams and work together to win house points for their team while taking part in traditional games and races. Everyone has lots of fun and at the end of the day the winners of the house cup are announced.

Junior School

Pupils take part in two PE sessions each week, using a purpose built gymnasium attached to the school, and on a Friday afternoon take part in our sports and swimming programme. All pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 swim for half an academic year each year, at the Mirandabad Pool in South Amsterdam, with lessons taken by Dutch instructors and accompanied by school staff. The children follow the Dutch diploma system, and swim at a variety of levels from beginners to C++ level. Year 5 and 6 also visit the Sportshallen Zuid complex, a ten minute walk from school, to take part in team game activities, and as well as the PE curriculum (covering all elements of sport) children also have the opportunity to take part in sports clubs including football, hockey, karate, basketball and tag rugby. We sometimes visit other international schools to play against their teams, and hold an annual sports day alongside the Infant School.


Senior School

We are fortunate to have excellent facilities on our doorstep and many of our curriculum lessons take place at the neighbouring sports facilities of Frans Otton Stadion (squash, tennis and aerobics), Sportshall Zuid (indoor team sports - football, basketball) and the outdoor facilities of De Schinkel (athletics, hockey and football). Swimming takes place as part of the physical education programme and can be continued at GCSE level.

As a small school, pupils have a chance to represent The British School of Amsterdam in inter-school competitions and local leagues.

The British School of Amsterdam is a Topscore School. Topscore, a sports programme led by the local authority's sports service, aims to introduce teenagers to different sports, with the aim of continued participation by linking schools with local clubs. Club coaches run introductory courses of between 6 to 12 weeks in local schools (or at a nearby location). Pupils take part in inter-school competitions at the end of each course, and can then join the club should they wish to continue.

At present, BSA has a Topscore partnership with RC Amstel (Rowing) and BC Apollo (Basketball). Both programmes have been very popular and resulted in many successes in local and national competitions. They are also an important link for our students, and their families, joining local clubs and the wider community in Amsterdam.