School lunch

Markies Catering provides fresh lunch options and encourages pupils to make healthy choices in terms of food and drink by showing that responsible food is tasty and fun.

There are two different options for ordering school lunches. You can purchase a half term subscription with a set menu or lunches can be selected from an assortment menu with at least 48 hours notice.

Our partner, Markies Catering offers flexible options for school lunches to all pupils. Orders can be placed on their ordering system 12Order. Currently due to Covid, hot meals will not be available until the next school year. To see the menu for the half term subscription, please click the button below.

Set menu

Markies also offers an assortment of sandwiches, salads, drinks and dairy products which can be ordered separately per day. Different choice selections will be available every day but you can see the full assortment menu below. To order from this menu, there are some conditions:

  • Lunch must be ordered 48 hours in advance (before 11.00 am). For example if you want to order a lunch for Friday, your order must be placed before 11.00 am on Wednesday.
  • If you choose to order per day, you must place a separate order for each day you would like your child to receive lunch. For example, if you want to order lunch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you must place 3 separate orders for this week and 48 hours in advance.

Assortment menu

If you have any questions, please contact the Markies Catering team.