Infant School

Welcome to the Infant school

The Infant School is situated in the Jan van Eijckstraat, a two-minute walk from the Early Years School. On our site we have children from 5 to 7 years old, National Curriculum years 1 and 2. There are currently four classes in each year group with a maximum class size of 24 children.

The children follow the subjects set out in the National Curriculum used in England. English and Mathematics are given a high profile and a balanced subject timetable ensures that the children access a broad range of learning experiences across all other areas of the curriculum.

We are a truly multi-cultural school with all the benefits that brings. Learning comes alive when wisdom is shared not only by motivated staff but also by peers with life experiences and cultures that illuminate whole new worlds. The seeds of curiosity about the world around us and mutual respect are planted and nurtured in our school.

Our approach to learning is very much a collaborative one; we encourage the children to learn from each other as well as from the staff. Teamwork is important in building the social skills the children will need throughout their schooling and in their adult lives. Through working with others inside and outside the classroom, the children develop the habits of turn-taking, sharing and co-operating. They give and respond to feedback and they learn to negotiate and compromise.

The children learn to take sensible risks: in the classroom; on stage in front of their nearest and dearest; or on the playground when developing friendships. They are active and inquisitive learners, motivated, thoughtful and reflective. Most importantly, however, they are happy and enjoy coming to school.