Starting school - what to expect

Home visits
Prior to your child starting school in September or in the first few weeks of the autumn term, we offer families the opportunity of a home visit from the staff who will be teaching their child. Experience and research into the provision for the Early Years highlight the importance of the link between school and home for the young child. When the link is valued, strong and supportive a child has the best chance of settling well into the school setting and having a happy, fulfilling school experience.

Our induction programme - the first few days

In order to make the transition into the Early Years School as calm and welcoming as possible, we have an induction programme for all children in the Early Years.

During their induction week Nursery children attend two one hour sessions and a third session of two and a half hours. We expect parents to stay with their child during the induction week to support their child and to become familiar with the Nursery staff. The children start their normal session schedule in their second week at school. Children who return to Nursery for a second year also take part in Induction week at the beginning of the autumn term.

Children joining Reception in September attend part time during the first week of term. We stagger the days the children start school, every child attends two full days over the course of the week. This ensures that the children receive more individual attention and staff can spend more time getting to know each child. From the start of the second week, all children are expected to attend full time.