Meet the Head of the Early Years School

Welcome to the Early Years School – the first steps in the adventure of a lifetime. Starting school is a big step in a young child’s life, and can be an equally big step for the parents!

Parents often tell me that they are very happy with their choice of our school for their child. I think this is why: at this point in a little child's life we know that what counts is kindness and engagement. Once a young child is immersed in their activities, they will come home to tell you that school is fun and that they enjoyed their day with their friends. And, with that, a successful path to learning has begun.

The cultural diversity of our school is valued and celebrated – it is wonderful to teach children of so many different nationalities and to see them mix so easily with each other.

Many of the children here are not native English speakers and can come to us with little or no English. However , we are constantly amazed by how quickly and apparently effortlessly a young child can assimilate a new language (backed up by much recent research). With this in mind, we do not separate children into language groups but we always make sure that in all groupings, no child is left as the only speaker of their native language. In this way the children help each other and bonds are formed.

The joy of seeing this happen is probably the main reason that I have been here at The British School of Amsterdam for over 25 years, and have been it's Head since 2011.

We are very proud of the Early Years School. Please take the time to visit our school and come and see it for yourselves.

With best wishes,

Mrs Claudia van de Laar
Head of the Early Years School