Life in the Early Years School

Whether your child is transferring to a new class or experiencing school for the very first time, we aim to make the transition as smooth and happy as possible. First experiences of school should always be positive.

The dedicated staff in the Early Years School strive to provide a bright, stimulating and exciting environment where everyone feels valued, secure and well cared for. We want all children to develop a love for learning and to have fun and enjoy success in all aspects of their education. We value the partnership between home and school and encourage you to also play an active part in your child's education.

Many of the children in the Early Years are learning English as an additional language. Such children often start school speaking little or no English but very soon gain the confidence and skills to communicate quite freely in English; this being their second and in many cases their third language. All recent research indicates that children will learn English more effectively if they continue to develop their first language at the same time. Children’s knowledge and skills transfer across languages from their first language they have learned at home, to the school language. With such evidence in mind we do not separate children who speak the same language, rather we try to ensure that there is at least one other child in the class who shares the same language.