School Fees

Fees and payment arrangements for 2020-21

For the Autumn Term 2020, the fees remain the same as for 2019-20. A decision has been made to increase fees for the Spring and Summer terms 2021.

    Fees for 2019-2020 Autumn term 2020-2021 Fee Spring and Summer Terms Annual Fee for 2020-2021
Early Years Nursery 10 sessions €15,390 €5,130 €5,280 €15,690
Nursery 9 session  €13,851 €4,617 €4,752 €14,121
Nursery 8 session  €12,312 €4,104 €4,224 €12,552
Nursery 7 session  €10,773 €3,591 €3,696 €10,983
Nursery 6 session  €9,234 €3,078 €3,168 €9,414
Nursery 5 session  €7,695 €2,565 €2,640 €7,845
Reception €15,540 €5,180 €5,330 €15,840
Infant School Years 1 and 2 €15,840 €5,280 €5,440 €16,160
Junior School Years 3 to 6 €16,020 €5,340 €5,500 €16,340
Senior School Years 7 to 13 €16,980 €5,660 €5,830 €17,320


Please note that a full term's fees will be charged for attendance for any part of the term attended.

Invoicing for 2020-21


Invoice sent

Due date

Annual plan

Friday 8 May 2020

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Termly plan

Autumn Term (first term)

Friday 8 May 2020

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Spring Term (second term)

Monday 14 September 2020

Friday 23 October 2020

Summer Term (third term)

Monday 11 January 2021

Friday 19 February 2021


School Bank Details

Account name: The British School of Amsterdam
Account number: 302017178
Bank name: Rabobank
IBAN: NL13 RABO 0302 0171 78
BIC (Swift code): RABONL2U

Late payment protocol

If after three reminders, school fees and other charges fall into arrears, the school reserves the right to send the entire amount due to the school’s debt collections agency and to refuse admittance to the school. All costs of the debt collection agency will be for the parent.

This late payment protocol applies similarly to the invoicing of extras (for instance school bus, lunch and trip).

In the situation where there is an outstanding debt, any payment made will always be paid towards the oldest outstanding amount that is due/payable.

No school records or reports will be issued until all fees and other charges have been satisfactorily settled. The due date of invoices will not change if a request for a change in the invoice is made.


Other additional costs
School Trips

All school trips that are a compulsory part of the curriculum are included in the School Fees.

Extras not included in the School Fees

Optional trips are not covered by the School Fees and will be invoiced separately. Pupils will not be allowed to attend the trip unless payment in full has been made before the trip takes place. If this is the case, no refund of fully or partially paid trip fees can be made.

The fees for the School Bus and Lunch are not included in the School Fees and will be invoiced per term separately on a non-refundable basis. For 2019-20 School Lunch is charged at €5 a day and the School Bus was €16.50 per ride for 2019-20. The pricing for 2020-21 is currently being reviewed. More information about the School Buses can be found by clicking here.

School text books and examination fees

Text books and exercise book are provided by the School free of charge, unless they are damaged or lost. All external examination fees for qualifications from the UK, such as GCSE/IGCSE and AS/A level are also paid for within the School Fees. Any re-take examinations will be invoiced separately.

Laptop in the Senior School

All pupils in years 7 to 9 are expected to have a Chromebook as part of their school supplies. The Chromebook must be brought to school on a daily basis fully charged ready to use in lessons.

In Year 10 and above, whilst we recommend a Chromebook because of the battery life, very quick start up and shut down, and robustness within school, pupils may bring any device, the minimum requirement is that it has a full sized keyboard.

Learning Support

For children with additional learning support needs requiring a Learning Support Assistant the fee for 2019-20 is €35,482 per year for full time support. This is in addition to School Fees. The amount for 2020-21 is currently being reviewed. Please contact the Admissions Team for more details.

Leaving the School

Please visit the Notification of Leaving section of the website to read about the procedure should your family be leaving the school.


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