Values and aims

Children are at the centre of everything we do. Each child is unique. Each child has potential. Each child is valued.

At The British School of Amsterdam, we believe that education should nurture a love of learning, a sense of curiosity, a sense of self-worth and the worth of others, a global awareness and a sense of responsibility. We want your child to feel valued, happy and successful. An education at BSA is focused on the individual. It is about developing the whole child to achieve their very best. It is about unlocking potential and opening minds. Characteristics of the British education system is providing the academic rigour as well as supporting the child's personal development and a rich programme of extra-curricular activities.

As a school we seek to work with parents to develop inquiring, imaginative, fascinated, knowledgeable and caring young people with an eagerness for knowledge and a sense of value. Together we aim to provide young people with the skills they will need to make informed choices in a moral context throughout the rest of their lives. We are, proudly, a non-selective school with high expectations of all pupils and staff. Our staff are the school's greatest asset; they are professional, caring, committed and work together, whatever their role, to provide the best possible education for the children in our care.

We have a strong sense of community and of purpose. We want each child to fulfil their academic, sporting and creative potential, because that opens doors to the future but we believe that education is not confined to the classroom nor to the requirements of examinations. We want to provide opportunities for each child to discover and enjoy their individual talents, interests and passions. We want each child to learn teamwork and leadership skills; to learn how to take risks in a safe environment, to learn how to cope with failure as well as success; and, most importantly, to be happy. We are accredited by the UK Government as a British School Overseas offering the English National Curriculum leading to IGCSEs and A-Levels.

As well as high expectations, we have big ambitions for each child. We aim to help our pupils to develop into young people who, when they leave us:

  • are confident in self
  • act with integrity and spirit
  • are ready to take responsibility and to support others, to make a positive contribution to their community
  • have an intellectual curiosity and a lifelong love of learning
  • recognise and value different cultures, sensitivities and orientations
  • are fascinated by and respect the natural world
  • recognise human achievements and failings and learn from both
  • enjoy pursuing their creative, spiritual and sporting potential
  • make a positive contribution to society