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The Dome sitting on top of the Globe
The Dome
Looking down the West Wing (top floor Sixth Form Area, floor underneath Year 5)
Early Years Assembly Hall and Gym Area
Nursery Classroom
Reception Classroom
Year 1 Classroom
Early Years EAL Classroom
Junior School Hall
Year 3 Classroom
Main Servery Area leading to the Senior School Hall
Drama Studio
View from the Senior School Drama Studio
Senior School Art Studios
Senior School Drama Studio
A Senior School Science Laboratory
Corridor leading to the Staff Common Room
Staff Common Room
A Senior School Science Laboratory
Mathematics and Science Corridor
Over looking one of the Senior School Playgrounds
Senior School
Senior School
A Changing Room
View from the Fitness Room into the Sports Hall
Sports Hall
Sixth Form Corridor
Main Sixth Form Common Room
Main Sixth Form Common Room
Senior School Classroom
Senior School Media Lab
Senior School Media Lab
Looking along a floor of the Junior School
Looking inside a Junior School classroom
Inside our new Sports Hall
Looking inside a Senior School Science Laboratory
Ground floor of part of the Early Years School
Corridor of the Senior School Science Labs
Looking down to the Reception classrooms from the central hall
Front view
Front wing near completition
Hoisting a flag to celebrate steel construction being completed 1
Hoisting a flag to celebrate steel construction being completed 2
Roof on the Sports Hall
Roof top view of our new home
View from the top of our new home
Taken from where the Infant School playground will be
The sky is the limit
Junior School Wing
Top floor Junior School wing
Brick work being laid for the Junior School
Side view of the Junior School
New West wing extension for Early Years Reception, Year 2, Year 6 and Senior school
New wing for the Senior School
Science and Music for Senior School
New extension for the Senior School (Music, Sceince, Drama and Art)
Top floor of the Senior School extension
Top floor of the Senior School wing
View from top floor of the Senior School wing
First floor of the Central Lobby 2
First floor of the Central Lobby
Top floor Senior School wing straight ahead
Assembly hall and dining room for the Junior School
Construction taking place for the Junior School wing
Window restoration
A room with a view
First Floor of the Senior School wing
Levelling the outdoor space for the Senior School playground
Media and computing room Senior School
Piling taking place for the Senior School Wing
Sixth Form floor
Wall restoration
Painstaking restoration of the walls
Senior School wing 2
Senior School wing
Sixth Form floor 2
Sixth form wing
Ground work
Wall restoration
Putting in the installations
Stairs leading to the staff Common Room
Kitchen space
Junior School first floor
Piling starting for the Junior School
Skylight from the Central Lobby
View from Electric Tram Museum
Artist Impression front entrance
Demolition of 1980's building
1980's buildings demolished
Further demolition work
Central lobby prior to paint work being stripped off
Central lobby after all paint work has been removed
Artist impression of the Central lobby
Demolition work inside one of the 1980's buildings
Theatre - View of the stage
Artists impression of the new theatre
Further demolition work
Demolition work
Demolition work
Ground floor hall
Power hosing paint from walls after initial treatment to decompose paint
View from the ground floor
Artist Impression
Further demolition work
Further demolition work
Side view
Sky view
Artist Impression of the new school
Demolition work
Piling work taking place in the Junior School playground