The new building will promote the school’s ethos of high-quality, active, pupil-centred learning backed by seamless state-of-the-art technology and first-rate support services.

Building project

In February 2017, The British School of Amsterdam acquired Havenstraat 6 in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid (Old South), a 19th century listed building that will be redeveloped into a beautiful and contemporary new 13,500 m² home for all our pupils.

Since being founded in 1978, the British School has grown to occupy three separate locations in Amsterdam Old South. But it has always been our vision to be a united community of pupils, parents and staff on a single site that offers top-quality facilities and abundant outside space.

Havenstraat 6 was designed and built between 1888 and 1891. The British School is now in the design phase. We will begin redeveloping the site in the Spring of 2018 and expect to move into the new school in 2020 at the latest.

We marked this special occasion in March 2017 with a celebration at Anthonie Van Dijckstraat. Some staff, pupils, parents, officials including Dutch interior minister Ronald Plasterk and Amsterdam alderman for education Simone Kukenheim were there, as were many other people who have helped and supported us during the many years we spent searching for a new home.

“Our new home will continue to promote our ethos of delivering outstanding, pupil-centred learning. We want to be ambitious in the planning and design. We will create inside areas and outdoor spaces that inspire ambition and ignite enjoyment in original and imaginative ways,“ said Paul Morgan, Principal of The British School of Amsterdam.

“The size of the space means we’ll have room to grow as we flourish in the future. The new school will have capacity for 1,200 children. Having said that, we’ll make absolutely sure we keep our small-school, family feel,” he added.

Simone Kukenheim, Amsterdam alderman for education, said: “I’m delighted to see The British School of Amsterdam find a beautiful new home. Amsterdam is an internationally-oriented city, with many international companies based here. Good international education is crucial for the children and for Amsterdam.”

Jonathan Atack, Chairman of the Supervisory Board said: “This an exciting milestone in the evolution of a school that is not yet 40 years old, but has grown to just under 900 pupils, providing a very special education to the residents of Amsterdam and making it an attractive city for expats from many of the world’s leading companies. We now see the opportunity to expand which will enable us to support the ongoing growth and prosperity of Amsterdam.”

Atelier PRO, which has a strong track record in international education buildings, has been chosen as the lead architect for the new school. Hoogevest Architecten, which was involved in the renovation of the Rijksmuseum, will be responsible for renovation work. Buro Sant en Co will help with the design of the outdoor space. Other technical advisers involved have worked on transforming locations in Amsterdam such as the Anne Frank house, Hermitage Amsterdam and the Van Gogh museum.

More information can also be found at the Atelier PRO website.

Neighbourhood meetings
On Tuesday evening, 11 July, we organised a neighbourhood meeting for the residents of the Havenstraatterrein-area. We sent out 350 invitations and we were pleased to welcome around 60 neighbours who were able to attend. Thank you! As promised, we have uploaded a report about the items discussed during the evening. Please click here to read the report (written in Dutch and English).