The British School of Amsterdam was founded in 1978 with the aim of not letting children fall behind in the British Education System during their temporary residence in the Netherlands. The school gradually expanded and now caters for students from 3 -18 years old.


The school has a very diverse community, with over 40 nationalities of pupils and staff. Our location has historical significance as a 19th century monument and the important architecture is still preserved and can be observed when entering the building and classrooms. It is an award winning building and received the Geurt Brinkgreve Bokaal 2021 award.

From the secretariat

MUN is a great opportunity for students to learn debating and public speaking skills while also learning a lot about the world and current issues. Being able to organise this conference has been a great honour and privilege and we hope everyone has a great time.

Veer Shah and Ellie Parkhill

Secretary Generals

Board of Directors

Lou Janssen

MUN is the perfect way to explore prevalent issues and how we can combat them by voicing our opinions and creating solutions. At our conference, we aim for everyone to have fruitful debates and to work in unison to improve our world.


Aaron Bloomfield

MUN particularly excites me and it gives me an opportunity to learn and discuss a variety of topics which aren’t necessarily covered in our curriculum. Being able to discuss and learn other countries’ political standpoints is also very interesting.


Vindi Cooray

Living in a developed country we often aren’t exposed to the harsh consequences of global issues, even if we may know a lot about them. MUN allows us to understand global problems to a deeper level, as well as inspire us to do more with our privilege.


Isabel Gonzalez-Lamberth

MUN is a great way to be part of an ever-growing era of globalisation, allowing you to gain skills in critical thinking of politics, economics, social dilemmas and particularly humanitarian crises. You gain an awareness of such issues and learn to deal with them with peers in a diplomatic manner.

Zoe Richard

MUN is incredibly diversified and great for pupils who would like to become acquainted with diplomacy and international issues. It is also great to overcome your fear of public speaking. I personally have enhanced my leadership skills through MUN.


Arjun Khurana

I feel that MUN is a great way for students to express their opinions on major world issues. It also allows students to interact with students from different schools and learn about their political standpoints which is engaging when debating.


Teresa Da Cruz

I have participated in different MUN conferences as both admin and delegate and really excited to host our second conference, and the first in our new school building. I hope to provide the best experience possible to all students joining us.


The British School of Amsterdam campus is located on Havenstraat 6 in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, alongside one of the most well-known streets in Amsterdam: the Amstelveenseweg.

The BSA encourages all pupils and visitors to travel sustainably by walking, cycling and using public transport. Fortunately, our campus is incredibly accessible by all of these options.

All local transport stops are within a short walking distance and some are even right across the school. The nearest bus station is Haarlemmermeerstation, which connects to both GVB and Connexxion buses.

Other nearby tram stations include Amstelveenseweg, Valeriusplein en Olympiaweg. In addition, our school is also at a 2km distance from Station Zuid with metros, trams, trains and buses which allow you to get to the airport and the other side of Amsterdam all within 10 minutes.

Nearby Recommendations


  • Best Western Amsterdam, Voorburgstraat 250
  • Corendon City Hotel, Aletta Jacobslaan 7 
  • Conscious Hotel The Tire Station, Amstelveenseweg 5 
  • Olympic hotel, Ijsbaanpad 12


  • Ron Gastrobar, Sophialaan 55 – European tapas-style dishes
  • Dignita Vondelpark, Koninginneweg 218 – breakfast and lunch
  • Anne&Max Amsterdam Zuid, Amstelveenseweg 196 – breakfast and lunch
  • Loetje, Parnassusweg 1021 – known for steak