Bus service guide

The British School of Amsterdam provides bus services for families in and around the Amsterdam Zuid area and further South in areas such Amstelveen.

We are pleased to inform you that the evaluation of the bus trial period in the third term of the last academic school year was a great success. With effect from 7 September 2021, The British School will be extending the partnership with Brouwer Company to be our transport provider bringing our children to school and back home.

What does the bus service offer?
  • Reliable and affordable transportation for your child to and from school.
  • A professional service with a company experienced in school transport and working with children of all ages. The service is available for Early Years and Junior School pupils.
  • Flexible routes – you can contact Brouwer to make bus stop requests and they will try to accommodate if possible.
  • A sustainable travel solution, and the reduced traffic increases safety around the school building.

*From next term the bus service will no longer be offered to Senior pupils due to logistical challenges. If you have a child in/joining the Senior School, please take a look at our travel guide which has suggestions and tips for the best ways to travel to school.

Here’s what some of our parents had to say about the bus service:

“Our daughter loves the bus. It’s a nice way to get to know children in other classes, the drivers are professional and friendly, and the bus service is reliable and convenient.” Year 4 Parent

“Everything worked perfectly; with the bus service we have now found the best solution to send our son to school. And even better, he is always looking forward to the bus ride.” Year 1 Parent

“We are super happy with the bus service in the mornings, it’s such a relief.” Year 2 Parent

“What we like most about the bus service is that they have added a bus stop near our home and it is always on time in the morning and afternoon.” Year 3 and Year 6 Parent

Bus routes

Based on the findings of our recent bus survey to parents, two bus routes with different pick-up points will be offered. This is subject to change based on increasing demands from parents.

You can view both bus routes on our interactive map below. The timings and bus stop locations are also provided in the tables underneath. Please note that the times are a guide and may change slightly.

Route 2 – Amstelveen South
Bus stop Address Zipcode Pick Up Time
BSA Havenstraat 6 1075 PR 15:45
Het Portiershuisje Laan der Hesperiden 1076 DN 15:50
Heemraadschaplaan Keizer Karelweg, Amstelveen 1181 RD 16:04
Sportlaan van der Hooplaan, Amstelveen 1185 PP 16:12
Startbaan van der Hooplaan, Amstelveen 1185 CW 16:15
Westwijkplein Noorddammerweg, Amstelveen 1187 LR 16:22
Nieuw Oosteinde Legmeerdijk, Amstelveen 1187 NJ 16:27
Gezondheidscentrum Faunalaan, Uithoorn 1421 KN 16:35
Route duration 00:50
Route 3 – Amstelveen Centre
Bus stop Address Zipcode Pick Up Time
BSA Havenstraat 6 1075 PR 15:45
Hogewerf van Leijenberghlaan, Amsterdam 1082 LR 15:58
Gelderlandplein O van Leijenberghlaan, Amsterdam 1082 KR 16:01
Kastelenstraat van Leijenberghlaan, Amsterdam 1082 AN 16:05
Uilenstede Beneluxbaan, Amsterdam 1181 AG 16:10
Old bus stop corner Laan Walcheren Rembrandtweg, Amstelveen 1181 EW 16:14
Gr. v. Prinstererlaan Rembrandtweg, Amstelveen 1181 TG 16:18
Stadstuinen van Heuven Goehartlaan, Amstelveen 1181 LE 16:23
Amstelparking Amstelzijde, Amstelveen 1184 TZ 16:31


The fees vary depending on whether you book a full day, or half day (morning or afternoon).

Bus service option Cost per child
Full day €16,50
Morning only €8,25
Afternoon only €8,25

All the administration will be done directly by Brouwer Company. When you complete the application form an administration fee of €25,00 per child, per annum will be charged.



For any questions, please contact Brouwer Planning Department. The office hours are 6.30 to 5.30.

Planning Coordinators: Jelle Firet and Peter Zeilstra

Phone: 071-36 500 90 (to reach planning please press 2-2)

Email: planning@brouwertours.nl


All applications to use the bus service must be done directly via Brouwer Company. Use the button below to visit the Brouwer Companies website with relevant information and the to complete an application form.

Terms and conditions

  • The bus service will be invoiced for a full term, for 5 days per week, Monday to Friday on a non-refundable basis. If you choose a half day service only (AM or PM) and decide to change this later on in the term, then the fees will increase to a full day rate. This is dependent however, on availability of seats.
  • There is no reduction of fees if a child is ill or attends an after school activity, or if your child is in the Nursery and only attends part time.
  • If your child stops using the bus service mid-term there will be no reduction or re-imbursement of fees.
  • Seats are allocated from date of registration, however, the payment for the term will not be pro-rated from date of registration.
  • Registration is only confirmed once Brouwer Company confirms this in writing, via email to the parent.
  • Travel time in the morning and afternoon from home to school can take up to but not exceeding one hour.
  • Times and routes scheduled are not guaranteed for the whole of the current school year. The bus schedule for your child may be affected by children leaving a bus route or new children joining an existing bus route.
  • If you are moving house then at least four weeks’ notice is needed. Please note that your address effects which route your child is on and the pick-up and drop off times. If necessary we will try to move your child to another bus route if the new address does not fit into an existing route. This may not always be possible due to the availability of seats and it is possible that your child will lose their place on the bus or that pick-up/drop off time will change.
  • The cost of the bus may increase if the number of children using the bus decreases.