School buses

From home to school and back home

For the past twenty years, the school has been providing a bus service to collect pupils from their homes, in and around Amstelveen and the city centre of Amsterdam and then take the pupils back home after school. The price for 2020-1 is €16.50 per ride. This means that for a child using the bus in the morning and afternoon the price is €33 per day. The school bus is invoiced per term for 5 days each week on a non-refundable basis. You will need to pay for either 5 or 10 rides per week, irrespective of how often your child uses the bus. This means that there is no reduction for illness, if your child attends an after school activity or if your child is in the Nursery and only attends part time. It is not possible to combine morning and afternoon bus use to make 5 rides. If your child stops using the bus mid-term there will be no reduction or reimbursement.

If you would like your child to use the bus service, please complete the form below.

Shuttle Buses

The school also offers a free shuttle bus service for parents who have at least one child in the Early Years or Infant School and at least one other child in the Junior or Senior schools. There is a waiting list for families to use this service, so if your family will not be using it regularly please let the school know so we can give the seat to someone on the waiting list. The bus drivers will also be taking a daily register every morning for safety purposes and to monitor usage.

If you would like more information about the bus service please contact Sara Cangemi, Receptionist in the Early Years School on or +31 (0) 20 679 7840.