Parent community

Welcome to the Parents' Organisation

Parents of all children at the British School of Amsterdam are automatically members of the Parents' Organisation, and we would very much like to encourage you all to be active members.

We aim to create a school community where parents can play an integral and valued role. It could be via activities within your child's class, an interest you share with other parents or as part of a cultural community within the school. Parents are welcome to attend all school events, volunteer at any opportunity or actively help the Parents' Organisation with its current objective. Ideas of how to volunteer are frequently mentioned in the weekly newsletter.

The Committee that runs the Parents' Organisation (POC) meets weekly. Suggestions or ideas you have and would like to be heard and discussed can be sent to In addition, if you have any questions about how the Parents' Organisation functions within the school community, ideas or support for events, or are wondering how to get involved, please email us. We very much welcome and appreciate your input.

We aim to provide the platform not only to help parents find a supportive and fun community within the school, but also to enable our children to reach their potential, as research shows that parents are a valuable asset to promoting student success. We understand that not all parents will be able to give their time due to other commitments but any ideas or support throughout the school year is very much valued.

It is your contribution that will enhance the quality of the Parents' Organisation and it is our role to represent you as parents within the strategic leadership of the school. We aim to make the school a successful and friendly environment for everyone to flourish.

The Parents' Organisation Committee (POC)

From left to right, back row first

Sara McCloskey, Tamar Geva (Secretary), Anna Clarkson, Ashley Bardsley, Sara Hildebrandt (Vice Chair), Amal Feker
Kim Niquette, Olga Schwartz, Helen Pink (Chair), Alexis Kelly (Finance), Jacqueline Ruesink

We look forward to meeting you!

Helen Pink, Chair of the Parents' Organisation Committee

Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together, Paul Ryan