Life in the Junior School

The school day for Junior children starts at 8.45, but many children arrive for 8.30, when the classrooms are open and children can start the day with some warm up activities in their classroom.

Each year group has three classes, and the teachers plan together so there is a consistent curriculum for each class. The children get to know their classmates and also friends in the other classes well, and many events are shared across the year group.

Our school day is structured into six fifty minute periods, with a story time at the end of each day, and two break times - 20 minutes for morning play, and an hour for lunch, include thirty minutes play time. Year 3 and 4 take their play times together, followed by Year 5 and 6.

Children take part in a full range of events and activities at the Junior School, as well as studying our curriculum. We have regular theme weeks which tie in with our topics or focus on a particular aspect of the curriculum, for example Science Week, Book Week and Arts Week. Every year group takes part in a full scale production each year, and we encourage children to make the most of their talents. We have a vibrant music department, with fifteen peripatetic music teachers offering private tuition through the school week. Children taking music lessons also form our Young Musicians BSA Orchestra.

We meet together as a school twice and sometimes three times a week for special assemblies, where we learn about different events taking place, celebrate the children's’ achievements, and enjoy class productions and music. Junior children are encouraged to perform musically and sing in assemblies, and we invite parents to join us for class assemblies.

Our School Council is made up of representatives from each Junior Class, and they meet regularly to think about ways to improve the school, as well as organising fundraising events and initiatives. We also have an environmental committee (the Eco Squad) of children across Years 3 to 6 who are looking at ways to make the school more environmentally friendly, and are working towards our Gold Eco Schools Award.

Playtime is an important part of school life, and Year 5 children lead playground games after a special training programme each year. Our Year 6 pupils act as prefects to help develop their young leadership qualities.

School is a busy place, but we aim to know each child individually and create a happy atmosphere where children feel part of the BSA community and do well academically and socially.

Every year group takes part in an annual residential school camp, in the summer term, and we take the children on trips to museums and the local area to enhance their learning.

The school day for children ends at 3.30, and after school clubs and activities take place each evening until 4.45. Children receive homework each week, and this builds upon their learning at school, helps practice skills learnt, and develops a good discipline in organising themselves as they become more independent and ready for Senior School.