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Welcome to the online application system for The British School of Amsterdam. A separate application form is required for each child. Before submitting this application you will be required to attach the following documents:

  • A passport sized photograph of your child
  • A copy of your child's birth certificate/adoption papers, in English.
  • Proof of identity for each parent
  • Proof of the address where the child is currently resident
  • If applicable, any statement for special educational needs, or reports from educational professionals such as a speech therapist or psychologist. Where applicable this should be a notarised translation into English.
  • A copy of your child's most recent school report. This should be in English signed and stamped by the school.
  • It is possible to save the application and to come back to it later, simply click on Save For Later at the bottom of this page and enter your email address.

    Fields that must be completed are shown with an asterisk (*).

    If you have any questions about the application process please do not hesitate to contact the admissions team via email admissions@britams.nl or by telephoning +31 (0) 20 679 7840 - we are here to support you.

    Once the €250 Registration Fee has been paid and all the correct documents have been received, then where applicable, a reference request form will be sent to the current school. We will also notify you that the reference request has been sent. Normally this can take up to 10 working days. Please note that if the registration fee is not paid within 5 working days, the application will be cancelled. For a child returning to The British School of Amsterdam it is not necessary to pay this Registration Fee.

    Miss Nathalie Edghill, Admissions Manager

    Child's personal details

    For 2020-21, classes commence on 8 September 2020. For 2021-22, classes commence on 7 September 2021.​​​​​

    Click here for our term dates.
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    Please make sure you select the academic year 2020-21 or 2021-22.​

    Parental/legal guardian information

    Please complete the details of the first parent/legal guardian. This will also be the name that appears on all school invoices (to have a company name use the option further down the form). Please note that if you are the parent with sole custody then you will be required to submit proof within this application form.

    Are you the sole parent of this child? If yes, you will be required to provide proof of sole custody.​​​​
    As the parent with sole custody of the child applicant can you please upload the proof of sole custody.​​
    Max file size: 10 MB
    Please complete the details of the second parent.

    School history

    Learning support

    Max file size: 10 MB

    Medical information

    School communications

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018. The questions in this section will become relevant, should your child be offered a place at the school. You have the right to change your consent to one or all of the below at any time. To do so, please send a written request to datamanagement@britams.nl and we will update our system accordingly. You can find our Privacy Notice by clicking here.

    File upload section

    Max file size: 10 MB
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    I declare that I have downloaded and read a copy of the Conditions of Enrolment and I agree to comply with these. I declare that all above information is correct and true and understand that false, inaccurate or misleading information could lead to the offer of a place being withdrawn, or if the child is on roll then having to be withdrawn from the School.

    By submitting this application form I declare that I have read and understood that:

    • The British School of Amsterdam ('The School') has a legal and legitimate interest to collect and process my personal data and my child's in order to meet statutory requirements and requirements as a British School Overseas.
    • The School may have to share my data and my child's data with the Dutch authorities as required by law.
    • The School will not share my data or my child's data with any other third parties without my consent, unless it is within the legitimate lawful business of the school or the law requires the School to do so. The School will always ask for explicit consent where this is required, and I will be required to give this consent if I agree to the data being processed.
    • My data and my child's data are retained in line with the school’s Privacy Notice and I understand my rights to the processing of my personal data. I also understand that I can contact datamanagement@britams.nl about the processing of my personal data and that of my child's.

    After you press the Submit button your browser will remain static for a few seconds as the documents you have attached are uploaded. You will then receive an email acknowledgement from us. If you do not receive this please email admissions@britams.nl.

    Please provide an email address where we can send a link to your current form.

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