Please see the terms and conditions below:
  • Travel time in the morning from home to school can take up to but not exceeding one hour.
  • Travel time in the afternoon from school to home can take up to but no exceeding one hour.
  • Times and routes quoted are not guaranteed for the whole of the current school year. The bus schedule for your child may be affected by children leaving a bus route or new children joining an existing bus route.
  • If you are moving house then at least four weeks’ notice is needed. Please note that your address effects which route your child is on and also pick up and drop off times. If necessary we will try to move your child to another bus route if the new address does not fit into the existing route. This may not always be possible due to the availability of seats and it is possible that your child will lose their place on the bus or that pick up/drop off time will change.
  • The cost of the bus may increase if the number of children using the bus decreases.
  • If you wish to cancel the bus then please inform the school in by email to