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Meet the Principal

Welcome, I am very pleased that you are taking a look at our website.


Paul Morgan

We are aware that as parents you have many options for child’s education available to you in Amsterdam. At The British School of Amsterdam we appreciate that families moving around the globe have a lot to contend with.

We are the only school in Amsterdam to offer the full English National Curriculum leading to the highly regarded GCSE and A Level qualifications. This curriculum and qualifications are acknowledged in all countries, including the USA. And as you would expect from a school offering this worldwide educational standard, we have the calibre of staff to match. Unlike many international schools, a large proportion of our staff have been teaching here for many years.

There is however much more to be said about our staff than their abilities in the classroom.

You want a school where the staff know your child like you know your child – not just their name but their hopes, their anxieties, their quirks and their enthusiasms.

Here, we are split by age into three schools. This is not simply to create a friendly atmosphere (although that for sure is what you will find here). It is because we know for certain that for children of all ages, before they can achieve, before they can perform, they must be recognised for who they are.

In recognising the individual child, we also recognise the family.

An excellent school is a blessing for the whole family because it forms a small microcosm of like-minded people and from this all sorts of collaborations and friendships develop. We work hard to create many opportunities for our families to meet, to get to know each other – Amsterdam works well that way.

Pupils can enter the school throughout the year. There are programmes to support children with learning needs and those gifted in a particular area.

Here, at The British School you can both live well and learn well. As you travel around the world, do not forget that, for your child or children, the steps taken at school age often define a whole life’s journey.

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